Tactical Military Dog Harness

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The Truelove Tactical Military Dog Harness is a uniquely specialised harness! The harness has been constructed with a 3M reflective button which is 2 times more reflective than your average reflective material! Whether it's early mornings or late evenings, we can guarantee your pooch will be seen! We have also designed the harness not only for visual awareness but also for a complete non-pull walking experience and combined it with a robust heavy-duty nylon blend for that long lasting life span! This means that not only will your pooch be seen regardless of the conditions but you will also have complete control of your pups whereabouts! 

 Fully adjustable - a simple duraflex buckle will help you adjust the harness to your preference!

3M reflective button - two times better than your average reflective material

Soft mesh - the chest plate is constructed with soft mesh to add extra comfort during walkies!

 Robust nylon blend- non-snag and durable for a long-lasting lifespan! 

 D-ring and Proximity control - non-pull and leaves you in complete control! 

 Back handle - perfect for attaching your pup securely in a car seat whilst driving 

Dupont cordura - water resistant material so that your pup is ready for any weather! 

Side pockets - these can be filed with anything that you may need for your pup on your journey!

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As dog owners, we know that walkies can sometimes be difficult! Especially if they are still learning or adapting to a new area! With the Truelove Tactical Military Dog Harness, this will aid you to have complete control and your pup be seen regardless of the time of day whilst ensuring you are fully stocked for your journey! 


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